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Client Testimonials

" Your consultants have provided very good service to our bank.  They are able to provide me with market information, close follow up and regular update.  I am impressed that they are able to tell me the background details of the candidates, their job selection criteria and reason of their every move.  They also responded to my requests or questions in an efficient manner.

Some recruitment agents sent me CVs without following up and unable to provide much information about the job applicants!

I am satisfied with the consultants' quality services and enjoy having the services continuously."

Manager, Human Resources
A leading Hong Kong based commercial bank

" I am satisfied with your service, taken into consideration the quality of CVs, timeliness of response and follow-up, consultant's knowledge and service level. Your consultant has presented themselves to be professional and effective in the process, knowing the candidates well, and able to gain their trust and help manage their expectations.  I have no hesitation in using your service again if need arises."

Senior Manager, Human Resources
A leading Hong Kong based commercial bank

" Thanks for the email.  Please find my feedback below for the placement that the Consultant has helped with:
- timely feedback
- professional manner
- would like to use your company's service again in the future."

Human Resources
One of the world's leading financial service providers

" So far, I find no major shortcomings from aimHigher, the consultants have always been responsive to our requests."

General Manager
A leading company in the hotel gaming service industry

" aimHigher has been serving our organization for quite some time and the service level is satisfactory.  My experience with your firm is that the consultants are able to provide timely response and source appropriate candidates.  We will definitely continue to use your service.  We treasure our partnership."

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Department
An international investment firm