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Client Testimonials

" We are very happy with the professional and speedy support and services from your consultants."

GM of Human Resources
A diversified business group

" I think in general your consultants' service is among the best so far as they are responsive and will provide more resumes upon request. Customer service attitude is also good."

Senior Manager - Human Resources
A global provider of supply chain management services

" I'm very pleased with the service offered by your consultants.  aimHigher is my own preferred recruiter to use mainly because your consultants are very experienced in what they do.  I am impressed by their knowledge of the market and also understanding my expectations of the type of candidate my company is looking for.  They work very timely and provide good honest opinion of the market.  Whilst many recruiters just pass you any candidate (or the most expensive candidate, higher numbers of candidate) without really understanding your needs, aimHigher does not but seeks to find the best fit.  I will definitely continue to use aimHigher again!"

Consultant, HR
A global investment manager

" Your consultant was very quick in providing me with the CV and arranging the meetings. They understood what I needed and offered the right candidates."

One of the largest financial institutions in Australia

" I am happy with your consultants' candidate search service.  They gave prompt response to the client, they provide good and relevant candidate referral in terms of quality and quantity and they have a good understanding on the client's need."

Senior Human Resources Manager
A global health insurance service company