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Candidate Testimonials

" It's indeed my pleasure to work with your company in the job searching process.

First of all, I am not an active job seeker; it's the consultant's contact that interested me.  She was certainly knowledgeable about the field.  She gave me solid insights and situations about the current employment environment, not to mention her versatile assessment of my suitability to this role.

During the interview, she did well in following up with me.  I hail her positive attitude and arrangement throughout the process.  She tried to remind me points to note and little suggestions on my presentation.  Those skills are useful not only in interview,
I am sure.

Before her marriage leave, she planned every necessary step for my interview, and
that's fine for me.

Meanwhile, I introduced a few friends of mine to her, and their feedbacks are also
positive (as far as I heard).

Regarding aimHigher, I can see the advancement of service comparing to 2009.  Considering no personal factors, the process smoothened and structured for a job seeker."

AVP, Senior Operational Risk Management Officer
One of the world's leading financial service providers

" The consultant is great and has given me lots of valuable advice not only before the interviews but also after the job offer. She has been giving me updates throughout the whole process. I have been working for the new company for more than one month and enjoying the role a lot!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to aimHigher for referring me to them."

Banking Operations Specialist
One of Switzerland's largest private banks

" I think that the consultant is very professional and helpful. I would like to thank her."

Director of Quality Assurance
A buying office for leading US brands

" Thank you to your team and my consultant for helping to place me in my current role.

My experience with aimHigher was good.  I have spoken to a number of headhunters in the past, but I found my consultant very good.  She was proactive, insightful of the potential role, knowledgeable about the client and responsive to my queries and concerns.  I appreciate how she gave her input for my interviews.  She also actively followed up throughout the whole process.

I sincerely found the consultant very effective in her role."

Credit Analyst
One of the world's leading asset managers

" I have now been with the company for over a month, and I see there are opportunities
for me to explore. I would like to say a big THANKS in referring me to this company."

Product Safety Manager
A global leader in active outdoor apparel