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Candidate Testimonials

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank aimHigher, especially to the consultant for helping me to find this new job.

To be honest, I didn't expect this to happen so soon and the consultant did a very good job in finding  the perfect match for me and my employer.  She's been very professional and was able to give me enough hints on what kind of candidate the employer is looking for, thus I've already put that information into thoughts before I attend the interview."

Senior Secretary
A leading international design firm

" I was happy to have this new job exposure to enrich my working experience.

The consultant helped me to find jobs that matched my working style and expectations.
She also proactively analyzed new job benefits to me, so that I can have a better picture to make my decision.

Overall, I appreciate your professional services in following up with my case time by time and helped me to collect useful feedback from interviewers. I am satisfied with
aimHigher's service."

Assistant Manager, CVM
A global health insurance service company

" The consultant is helpful and smart; happy to work with her.  I enjoyed working in my current company, thanks! "

QA Manager
A U.S. specialty apparel retailer

" Thanks to the consultant for assisting me in my job searching process. The consultant is helpful and professional.  He gave me valuable comments during my job search."

Assistant Manager, Restaurant
A leading luxury resort in Asia

" As a consultant, I found that she's very friendly, approachable and professional.  She took time to listen and understand what I am in search for in the job market and only connected me to jobs where she can forecast a potential match between me and the future employer.

I appreciate how the consultant has shared information she knows to make me better prepared for interviews beforehand and immediately got back to me with questions I had raised during the interview process.  The most impressive part is that she will still spare time now to follow up with me on how I am doing at the company.

In fact, I have passed her work details to my friends who are presently looking for jobs in the request for her support.

In regard to aimHigher, I do enjoy receiving emails regularly from you regarding job openings with your clients."

Associate, Organisation Development
One of the largest financial institutions in Australia