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Candidate Testimonials

" It's been a great experience working with aimHigher.  The consultant is very attentive and helpful.  I can rely on you for getting me the right job and will certainly come back to you should I reach out again! "

Senior C&B Manager
A leading entertainment and resort operator

" It was nice working with the consultant for my job search.

The consultant is very professional. She asked me questions about my past experiences and kept me informed about the progress.  She also did a great job in helping me to go through all the interview processes; final offer, contract signing, and preparation work for my first working date.

I have been working in the company for 2 weeks, and I can easily adapt to the working environment.

Thank you."

Implementation Manager
One of the largest financial institutions in Australia

" The consultant is very helpful during the process.  She will take time to understand my situation and pass my concerns to the employer.  Thanks so much for your efforts! "

Senior Account Executive
One of the world’s largest advertising agencies

" In general, the consultant is a professional, and I really appreciate her help."

HR Manager
One of the UK’s leading retailers

" I got the consultant's contact from a friend and she told me the consultant is helpful in searching for jobs.

The consultant kept me posted on any new vacancy and the job that I have now is the first job she referred me to.  She also assisted in the process of contract signing and reference checking.

I really thank the consultant for my new job and it is a nice one. Really like it here."

Account Manager
One of the world’s largest advertising agencies